The Need

The need in East Baltimore is great

  East Baltimore Maryland
Median Household Income $29,382 $70,545
Percentage below poverty line 29% 8.1%
Percentage below 50% of poverty line 14.3% 3.7%

 There is a severe shortage of care

150,000 Shortage of primary care visits in Baltimore City
58% Percentage of East Baltimore residents who lack health insurance
94% Percentage of East Baltimore residents who are African-American
32% Percentage of East Baltimore residents who are under the age of 18
47% Percentage of East Baltimore residents unemployed

 There are tangible ways we can improve the situation

Existing data suggests that many families who are eligible for certain forms of government assistance do not take advantage of them either because:

  • they lack information about how to apply,
  • have difficulty navigating the complex web of medical resources and agencies

In a survey of East Baltimore residents, 95% thought that help with obtaining health insurance or with enrollment into cash assistance or other benefit programs would be helpful to them or someone they know

To date, we have continued to learn, grow, and expand upon our mission

1000+ Number of patients we have served
100+ Number of future leaders in urban health care who have worked with the Charm City Clinic