Follow Up

We work with each client well beyond the initial meeting with the intent of finding long-term solutions to their problems accessing healthcare.  During this initial visit, we work with every new client to create a plan for continued care that outlines immediate and long-term goals for our work together.  Health Resource Center staff members then begin the follow up process in the few days immediately following the initial visit.

We have two primary aims when following up with clients:

  1. We recognize that each client’s case is different and presents its own kinds of complications.  More often than not, it will take more than a single visit to our Health Resource Center to solve these kinds of problems.  Moving from this recognition, we work with clients when it is convenient for them and take the time to work together toward addressing the problems that block or complicate their efforts to manage their health
  2. We aim toward long-term continuity with each client in order to build partnerships to solve problems related to healthcare access before they become crises.  For this crucial reason, we follow up with our clients regardless of whether their case demands that immediate action be taken.  We aspire to get to know our clients well enough that our follow-up activities contribute to building a community-based network of support for addressing healthcare access problems.

We adapt our approach to our clients’ different needs and living situations and make use a combination of phone calls, meetings at our Health Resource Center and throughout the neighborhood, and actions on clients’ behalf to move toward meeting their needs.