Men & Families Center

In 1995, the Family League of Baltimore City and the Historic East Baltimore Community Action Coalition initiated an extensive community needs assessment. This process revealed significant gaps in services to Historic East Baltimore families and children.

The absence of comprehensive services for men/fathers was determined to be one of several major concerns. As a result, a plan was developed to establish a program that focused on addressing real life issues confronting urban men and their families Subsequently, The Men’s Center was created to respond to this community’s vision.

The Men’s Center improves the quality of relationships between fathers and their children, thus enhancing the preservation of families. The Center is a coordinating place for East Baltimore and their families that increases the accessibility of services and community awareness. We address their specific needs through a holistic array of services that are designed to meet men where they are and move them towards self empowerment.

The overriding goal of The Men’s Center is to improve the quality of children’s lives by developing and enhancing the capacity of male parents and/or caretakers. This is manifested by providing interventions services for young males who are at risk of developing poor skills in those areas that will later affect their parenting abilities.

The Center strives to accomplish this by implementing strategies that address several additional goals: establish greater participation of fathers in the lives of their children; develop a strong male support network which will enable men to provide support to their children and families; improve the growth and development of the participants’ children, in their relationships to their peers, their home life, and their school performance; network to provide employment and completion of education for participating males; and develop a stronger individual sense of self-esteem leading to a more stable community.

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