Amazing Grace Church

Pastor : Gary Dittman

Food Ministry Coordinator: Morgan Blizzard

“’Magic Monarch’ is the latest addition to the Amazing Port Street sacred space found behind the church.  We seek peace in the community and around the world.  There is a prayer labyrinth, vegetable and flower gardens, and peace poles, all seeking to bring God’s healing and grace to the brokenness of our lives, the community, and all creation.

It’s pretty hard to understate the transformation that is taking place in McElderry Park. What once was a block of dilapidated and abandoned rowhouses at McElderry and Port has germinated into a thriving sacred space. An ever-growing collection of murals, a burgeoning garden, a prayer labyrinth, and the compassionate spirit of the community now occupy what once was a safe-haven for illicit activity. One of the major catalysts for this transformation is the Amazing Port Street Project based out of the Amazing Grace Lutheran Church directly adjacent. Amazing Grace’s dedication to the community doesn’t stop there.

Wellness is a complex trait, with influences ranging from the nutritional and medical to the mental and spiritual. In recognition of this complexity, Amazing Grace has instituted a Food Pantry as part of its food ministry with the goal of cultivating nutritional health in the community through distribution and education. Another aspect of this ministry includes ‘produce drops’ which distribute literally tons of produce to a community designated as a fruit and vegetable desert by the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future. As a result, hundreds of families receive the produce and education necessary to cook healthy meals at home—a revolution to be certain.

A high percent of the hundreds of people who partake in the ministry are in desperate need of health care regardless of any newfound eating practices. In collaboration with Amazing Grace Church, Charm City Clinic is working to bring various forms of access to participants by offering the services of the Health Resource Center through referrals and an ongoing presence at the food ministry. Volunteers are needed to help the many qualifying residents with applications to medical assistance and free state-ran insurance programs.

To learn more, please visit Amazing Grace Church’s website