How We Build Connections

Our Model

Charm City Care Connection aims to support of clients in navigating the healthcare system through advocacy, education, and service.

Men and Families Center

Men and Families Center (M&FC) is the original community partner of Charm City Care Connection (CCCC). Today, M&FC works to provide social services resources to the community. M&FC assi

Dee’s Place

Dee’s Place works with those experiencing substance abuse. The provide peer support, lead programs such as Narcotics Anonymous (NA), case management and more. Charm City Clinic is excited for our new partnership with Dee’s Place. As of April 11th Tuesday Walk-in hours will be held at Dee’s Place from 6-9pm.

The Brancati Center

The Brancati Center aims to improve health of communities. In partnership with the Brancati Center Charm City Clinic is excited to provide diabetes prevention training. This year long course will provide tools to encourage a healthy lifestyle and prevent diabetes. Stay tuned for more information!

Longitudinal MI

McElderry Park

McElderry Park Community Association (MPCA) is a hub for neighborhood organizing, a platform for citizen engagement with city government, and an active service organization working on neighborhood improvement and beautification.  The resident-elected board and MPCA membership operate the McElderry Park Community Resource Center, which provides computers and space for various events. Recent projects organized under … Continue reading McElderry Park

Men & Families Center

In 1995, the Family League of Baltimore City and the Historic East Baltimore Community Action Coalition initiated an extensive community needs assessment. This process revealed significant gaps in services to Historic East Baltimore families and children. The absence of comprehensive services for men/fathers was determined to be one of several major concerns. As a result, … Continue reading Men & Families Center

Amazing Grace Church

Pastor : Gary Dittman Food Ministry Coordinator: Morgan Blizzard “’Magic Monarch’ is the latest addition to the Amazing Port Street sacred space found behind the church.  We seek peace in the community and around the world.  There is a prayer labyrinth, vegetable and flower gardens, and peace poles, all seeking to bring God’s healing and grace to the brokenness of our lives, the community, and … Continue reading Amazing Grace Church