Congratulations to Glenn Ross for winning the Bank of America Community Hero Award!

Glenn L. Ross has been a dedicated and active advocate for the well-being of Baltimore City residents for the past 30 years. As a three-term (18 years) President of the McElderry Park Neighborhood Association, he has overseen the implementation of customized community development and leadership training programs for McElderry Park residents and coordinated working relationships with over 140 local businesses and community, religious, and family organizations. Serving, from 1987 – 1990, as the first African American director of the Neighborhood Resource Bank of the Citizen’s Planning and Housing Association, he coordinated the expansion of one of their most significant state-wide projects, known as the Community Resource Bank of Maryland. Additionally, in 1990 he formed the Coalition for Beautiful Neighborhoods, which led to the creation of the Baltimore Community Law Center. In 2001, he founded the Southeast Stakeholders Coalition.

Glenn Ross is a true hero of Baltimore. In 2001 he was honored by the Baltimore City Paper as “Baltimore’s Best Community Activist.” “[I]f East Baltimore has a chance to become a better place, it’s because of people like Ross, who push for solutions.” Mr. Ross has coordinated several city-wide programs while working under three Baltimore City mayors: Shape-up Baltimore; the Mayor’s Campaign for a Cleaner Baltimore, which greatly expanded the City’s recycling program; and the development of the aforementioned Community Resource Bank of Maryland. He was instrumental in developing community environmental training programs to deal with Baltimore’s Brownfields (abandoned industrial EPA Superfund sites) through the B-More Green Project and as Vice-President of the Environmental Justice Partnerships, Inc. As a principal investigator of a community environmental and health education training grant, in partnership with Johns Hopkins, Mr. Ross has been striving for a better Baltimore.
For nearly 30 years of dedication and activism, Glenn Ross has been awarded numerous
accolades including:
1) “Baltimore’s Best” Award for his Rat Rub-Out and Sanitation program (awarded by Mayor
Schaefer, 1985)
2) Mayor’s Citizen’s Citation (1992)
3) State of Maryland Official Citation for Community Support (1992)
4) Citizen’s Citation, “The Dunbar Project” (1993)
5) East Baltimore Community Cooperation and Leadership Service Award (1995-1996)
6) African American Overcome Award (The Baltimore Times Newspaper, 1997)
7) “Baltimore’s Best Community Activist” (Baltimore City Paper, 2001)
8) For his exceptional ability to foster bipartisan solutions to the complicated issues that
exist between Johns Hopkins and the East Baltimore Community he was elected Community
Consultant for the Johns Hopkins University Student Outreach Resource Center (2005-Present)
9) “Heart of the Community” Award (2009). 28 years as the longest serving board member of the Southeast Community Organization