Progress in our first six months of operations

Since last Spring, we’ve seen over 90 clients on Saturdays at the Men and Families Center. We’ve helped 24 clients apply for medical assistance. Of these 24, 23 have been applications for the Maryland Primary Adult Care (PAC) (a free insurance program for adults without dependent children) and we’ve helped 1 client apply for the Medical Assistance for Families program for adult caregivers with dependent children. 4 of our clients have successfully received PAC and are receiving medical care, and others are waiting for their applications to be processed. We’ve helped 1 client enroll in The Access Program, an effort linking low-income residents into specialist-level care at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Our work over the summer focused on reworking and improving operations in our Health Resource Center, planning and developing protocols for hypertension screening, and building the number of students and neighborhood residents in our membership. Students working in the Health Resource Center have established new protocols and links for client referral and set up a secure, electronic client records system that allows for documentation, scheduling, and reminders for follow-up with clients.

We believe these new tools and strategies will let us maintain close, consisent contact with all clients we serve throughout the service process. We hope to limit the number of clients lost to follow-up and – through a commitment to intensive neighborhood-level outreach – achieve a high yield of clients who receive the medical and social assistance they need.