Charm City Clinic is seeking physicians, nurses, students, health educators, and community members to volunteer at the clinic.

We presently offer two volunteer positions to best match the diverse educational background and training of prospective volunteers with the needs of the clinic.

1. Health Resource Center (HRC): Case Managers
  • HRC Case Managers accompany low-income Baltimore residents through the difficult process of accessing sustainable, high-quality health care and other social services. They provide assistance with enrollment in health insurance programs, finding solutions for primary medical care, mental health treatment, and substance abuse disorders, and stabilizing social and economic barriers to care through means-tested benefits and other community resources such as food stamps, energy bill assistance, and job training. Case Managers maintain longitudinal relationships with their clients and, in line with the mission of our partner the Men and Families Center, meet clients “where they’re at” by following up at the clinic, by phone, by home visit, in the neighborhood – whatever it takes to help them meet their goals.
  • Applications for this position are due on February 7, 2014 at 5 PM.
2. Preventative Health Screening Program: Screeners (for medical students only)
  • CCC Screeners complement this intensive community-based case management approach by working under the supervision of licensed physicians to help our clients monitor indicators of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and addiction, which are among the primary causes of excess morbidity and mortality in the neighborhoods in which we work.  We take preventive health out of the traditional spaces of health services and into the community centers and neighborhoods where health and illness are lived. In contrast to traditional settings, where time constraints are ever-present our screening visits often last an hour or more, as clients discuss their needs, concerns and progress in detail with our screeners and physicians to co-develop an individualized plan for accessing care and improving health.  Our goal in doing so is to create a comfortable and safe space for low-income Baltimoreans to stay informed about their indicators of health and disease in a manner that supports and informs the efforts of clients’ primary care providers.
If you are interested in volunteering please send an email to the following address:

Additionally, community members from a variety of backgrounds are encouraged to volunteer at the clinic. Any and all skills are needed and we promise to accommodate anyone with a passion for the serving the community. Community members play a variety of roles in administration and may become “Health Outreach Workers” with training. Community members interested in volunteering should contact our Director of Community Health Programs, Mike Rogers, at